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To be honest I do not come to SCN that offen as in the past. Some changes at work + changes made to SCN made me to be present more on twitter and follow all the new stuff there. But I saw lately the article about Darkest Dark Theme ( which I was promoting while ago on twitter and to my supprise I saw that suhas.saha was really happy to know about this theme, which I thought all eclipse users already know.


Then I just realised that not everyone follow twitter and there can be a difference between what is published here and there. So I've decided to post here also a short information about ABAP Favorites plugin for Eclipse. So also people who only follow SCN have an idea about it.


I will not copy the content of my blog post here (which I want to update soon), but I'll give the video which is describing the functionality of the plugin.


To install it you need to go to Eclipse Marketplace and search for abap.


Once you have it installed you can add transactions, URL or development objects to the favorites views




Bellow you can find the short video describing it's functions.



Feel free to join the project on github:


Have fun

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