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I present Abap Editor Shortcuts. I hope to be useful

I could not find on the internet so I created this post entry

This is from file C:\Users\USER-NAME\AppData\Roaming\SAP\SAP GUI\ABAP Editor

IDVerbose NameDescriptionShiftCtrlAltKey
37100Edit.CharLeftMove left by one charLeft
37101Edit.ExtCharLeftSelect char left from cursorShiftLeft
37131Edit.ExtBlockCharLeftSelect char left from cursor in Block ModeShiftAltLeft
37102Edit.CharRightMove right by one charRight
37103Edit.ExtCharRightSelect char right from cursorShiftRight
37132Edit.ExtBlockCharRightSelect char right from cursor in Block ModeShiftAltRight
37110Edit.LineDownMove cursor one line downDown
37111Edit.ExtLineDownSelect text from current position until same position in previous lineShiftDown
37136Edit.ExtBlockLineDownSelect text from current position until same position in previous line in Block ModeShiftAltDown
37108Edit.LineUpMove cursor one line upUp
37109Edit.ExtLineUpSelect text from current position until same position in next lineShiftUp
37135Edit.ExtBlockLineUpSelect text from current position until same position in next line in Block ModeShiftAltUp
37120Edit.HomeMove cursor to the beginning of the lineHome
37121Edit.ExtHomeSelect text from cursor position until beginning of the lineShiftHome
37142Edit.ExtBlockHomeSelect text from cursor position until beginning of the line in Block ModeShiftAltHome
37118Edit.LineEndMove cursor to the end of the lineEnd
37119Edit.ExtLineEndSelect text form current position until end of the lineShiftEnd
37141Edit.ExtBlockLineEndSelect text form current position until end of the line in Block ModeShiftAltEnd
37116Edit.PageDownScroll document one page downPageDown
37117Edit.ExtPageDownSelect from current position until one page downShiftPageDown
37140Edit.ExtBlockPageDownSelect from current position until one page down in Block ModeShiftAltPageDown
37114Edit.PageUpScroll document one page upPageUp
37115Edit.ExtPageUpSelect from current position until one page upShiftPageUp
37139Edit.ExtBlockPageUpSelect from current position until one page up in Block ModeShiftAltPageUp
37145Edit.PageBeginMove cursor to the first line of current screenCtrlPageUp
37146Edit.PageEndMove cursor to the last line of current screenCtrlPageDown
37147Edit.ExtPageBeginMove cursor to the first line of current screenShiftCtrlPageUp
37148Edit.ExtPageEndMove cursor to the last line of current screenShiftCtrlPageDown
37149Edit.ExtBlockPageBeginMove cursor to the first line of current screenShiftCtrlAltPageUp
37150Edit.ExtBlockPageEndMove cursor to the last line of current screenShiftCtrlAltPageDown
37122Edit.TextBeginMove cursor to the beginning of the documentCtrlHome
37123Edit.ExtTextBeginSelect from current position until beginning of the documentShiftCtrlHome
37143Edit.ExtBlockTextBeginSelect from current position until beginning of the document in Block ModeShiftCtrlAltHome
37124Edit.TextEndMove cursor to the end of the documentCtrlEnd
37125Edit.ExtTextEndSelect from current position until end of the documentShiftCtrlEnd
37144Edit.ExtBlockTextEndSelect from current position until end of the document in Block ModeShiftCtrlAltEnd
37104Edit.WordLeftMove cursor one word leftCtrlLeft
37105Edit.ExtWordLeftSelect word leftShiftCtrlLeft
37133Edit.ExtBlockWordLeftSelect word left in Block ModeShiftCtrlAltLeft
37106Edit.WordRightMove cursor one word rightCtrlRight
37107Edit.ExtWordRightSelect word rightShiftCtrlRight
37134Edit.ExtBlockWordRightSelect word rightShiftCtrlAltRight
37127Edit.ParagraphNextMove cursor to next paragraphCtrl]
37129Edit.ExtParagraphNextSelect text from cursor to start of next paragraphShiftCtrl]
37138Edit.ExtBlockParagraphNextSelect text from cursor to start of next paragraph in Block ModeShiftCtrlAlt]
37128Edit.ParagraphPrevMove cursor to previous paragraphCtrl[
37130Edit.ExtParagraphPrevSelect text from cursor to start of previous paragraphShiftCtrl[
37137Edit.ExtBlockParagraphPrevSelect text from cursor to start of previous paragraph in Block ModeShiftCtrlAlt[
37113Edit.ScrollDownScroll document one line downCtrlDown
37112Edit.ScrollUpScroll document one line upCtrlUp
37415Edit.ShowSettingsDlgShow the settings dialogShiftCtrlO
57636Edit.FindCall Find dialogCtrlF
37126Edit.FindPreviousRepeat last search backward from the current positionShiftCtrlG
57640Edit.RepeatRepeat last search from current positionCtrlG
Edit.ReplaceCall replace dialogCtrlH
37228Edit.FindIncrementalNextForward incremental search in textCtrlI
37229Edit.FindIncrementalPreviousBackward incremental search in textShiftCtrlI
37223Edit.ToggleBookmarkToggle unnamed bookmarkCtrlAltM
37200Edit.ToggleBookmark0Toggle bookmark 0CtrlAlt0
37201Edit.ToggleBookmark1Toggle bookmark 1CtrlAlt1
37202Edit.ToggleBookmark2Toggle bookmark 2CtrlAlt2
37203Edit.ToggleBookmark3Toggle bookmark 3CtrlAlt3
37204Edit.ToggleBookmark4Toggle bookmark 4CtrlAlt4
37205Edit.ToggleBookmark5Toggle bookmark 5CtrlAlt5
37206Edit.ToggleBookmark6Toggle bookmark 6CtrlAlt6
37207Edit.ToggleBookmark7Toggle bookmark 7CtrlAlt7
37208Edit.ToggleBookmark8Toggle bookmark 8CtrlAlt8
37209Edit.ToggleBookmark9Toggle bookmark 9CtrlAlt9
37210Edit.GoBookmark0Go to the bookmark 0Ctrl0
37211Edit.GoBookmark1Go to the bookmark 1Ctrl1
37212Edit.GoBookmark2Go to the bookmark 2Ctrl2
37213Edit.GoBookmark3Go to the bookmark 3Ctrl3
37214Edit.GoBookmark4Go to the bookmark 4Ctrl4
37215Edit.GoBookmark5Go to the bookmark 5Ctrl5
37216Edit.GoBookmark6Go to the bookmark 6Ctrl6
37217Edit.GoBookmark7Go to the bookmark 7Ctrl7
37218Edit.GoBookmark8Go to the bookmark 8Ctrl8
37219Edit.GoBookmark9Go to the bookmark 9Ctrl9
37308Edit.GoToGo to the specified lineCtrlO
37224Edit.GoToNextBookmarkGo to the next bookmarkCtrlM
37225Edit.GoToPrevBookmarkGo to the previous bookmarkShiftCtrlM
37000Edit.DeleteDelete char right from cursorDelete
37001Edit.DeleteBackDelete char left from cursor (Backspace)BackSpace
37006Edit.DeleteWordDelete word right of cursorCtrlDelete
37002Edit.DeleteWordBackDelete word left from cursorCtrlBackSpace
37003Edit.TabInsert tab or indent selectionTab
37004Edit.UnTabUntabify selectionShiftTab
57634Edit.CopyCopy selectionCtrlC
57635Edit.CutCut selectionCtrlX
57637Edit.PastePaste selectionCtrlV
37315Edit.PasteExtendedExtended paste selectionShiftCtrlV
37316Edit.AppendAppend to Clipboard current selectionShiftCtrlInsert
57644Edit.RedoRedo operationCtrlY
57643Edit.UndoUndo operationCtrlZ
37309Edit.LineCommentComment selected lines or current oneCtrl<
37310Edit.LineUncommentUncomment selected lines or current oneCtrl>
37336Edit.LineCutCut current lineShiftCtrlX
37337Edit.LineCopyCopy current lineShiftCtrlT
37338Edit.LineDeleteDelete current lineShiftCtrlL
37339Edit.LineTransposeTranspose line with previousCtrlAltT
37340Edit.LineDuplicateDuplicate current lineCtrlD
37322Edit.MoveLinesUpMove selected lines upCtrlAltUp
37323Edit.MoveLinesDownMove selected lines downCtrlAltDown
57642Edit.SelectAllSelect whole documentCtrlA
37303Edit.LowercaseConvert selection to the lower caseCtrlL
37304Edit.UppercaseConvert selection to the upper caseCtrlU
37305Edit.CapitalizeCapitalize selectionCtrlJ
37306Edit.SentenceConvert selection to sentence styleCtrlT
37307Edit.SwapcaseSwap case of text in current selectionCtrlK
37005Edit.SwitchOvrmodeSwitch overwrite mode (INS)Insert
37311Edit.AutocompleteAuto complete wordCtrlSpace
37318Edit.QuickInfoShow Quick Info for current wordShiftCtrlSpace
37312Edit.AutoexpandExpand typed keyword from templateCtrlEnter
37341Edit.ColorCompleteDisplay Color Auto Complete listShiftCtrlC
37700Edit.WordHelpProvide help for selected or current word/textF1
37332View.MagnifyTextSizeMagnify text sizeCtrlAltNum +
37333View.ReduceTextSizeReduce text sizeCtrlAltNum -
37334View.RestoreTextSizeRestore text size to normalCtrlAltNum /
37313View.CollapseAllCollapse all structures in documentShiftCtrlNum -
37314View.OpenAllOpen all structures in documentShiftCtrlNum +
37335View.ToggleCurrentExpand or Collapse current outlining node.CtrlNum *
37346View.OpenCurrentExpand current outlining node.CtrlNum +
37347View.CloseCurrentCollapse current outlining node.CtrlNum -
57607File.PrintCall Print dialogCtrlP
57608File.PrintDirectImmediately prints documentShiftCtrlP
57609File.PrintPreviewCall File preview dialogCtrlAltP
57604File.SaveAsCall dialog to choose another file name for savingShiftCtrlS