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Code templates in ABAP backend editor

The ABAP (backend) editor has this nice feature of code completion. You find it clicking on the icon in the bottom right corner of the editor window, then going to "Code Template". There are already many useful shortcuts there, but you can even create new ones.

What templates did you create?

I just thought of starting a blog where we present our awesome code templates so we can all get even quicker in coding!

I start with two little templates that help me create class frames:

  • name: class

    • purpose: create a new class definition

    • code:
      class | definition.
      public section.
      %first method%
      raising zcx_gens.

  • name: clsi

    • purpose: create a new class implementation

    • code:
      class | implementation.
      method %first method:%.


One could merge also the two templates to one. I did not do it because usually I use different includes for class definitions and implementations.

Share your templates

If you have created helpful templates, put them into the comments.


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