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In the last few days 93b1c542d4984f0e9a75a57ce6030ff3 published two blogs about his experiences with the ABAP Development Tools for Eclipse (ADT). In that context, I remembered my first experiences with this tool back in 2015. Unfortunately, the switch from SE80 to ADT was difficult for me. Then, in 2017, I really started developing with the ADT.

Meanwhile, for me, it's a mix of "classic" transactions like the SE10 and SE12 in SAP GUI, ADT and, when I'm "offline", tools like Notepad++. If you work with them every day, it's ok and normal. When you start talking about the tools and their possibilities, for example with trainees and students, you quickly realize that it's a little but complex "ecosystem". Everything has its task.

To make it easier to start working with ADT, I've created a GitHub repository called "ADT for Eclipse info hub". The goal of this repository is to collect and share information about ADT because there are many good blogs, official sites, videos, add-ons and more. So every developer has a good starting point ... and saves some time not searching.

If someone knows a good site, blog, add-on or anything else about ADT, please share here via comments and I will put it on the list. Alternatively, anyone with a GitHub user can expand the list himself. If there is someone who wants to administer the list as "maintainer": I gladly transfer the repository to his GitHub account. At the moment it's difficult to find enough time for all topics I am interested in. But I still want to share my ideas, maybe someone will benefit ... or just enjoy it.


Best regards and thanks for reading and sharing