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Ever wanted to change the color scheme of your ABAP Netweaver environment?

With these easy steps, you can easily customize the colors to make it looks cooler and similar to other IDE's.

For most of my time, I use other Code Editors like IntelliJ (by JetBrains), SublimeText, and the theme I use on them is Dracula, which is dark coding theme and has a nice colored code style a dark color scheme well used among all community editors and IDE's.

It is said that a dark screen helps you to concentrate your eyes longer and helps your brain  to keep more attention on the screen. For me, coding in a dark screen just gives me a hacker vibe 😃

Of course, this is a personal taste for colors, if you don't feel comfortable with them, you can change it as you wish and create your own color scheme!

TL;DR: In this GitHub repository I have uploaded the config files to change the color schemes, you can just download the abap_spec.xml and put it on your local machine in the following path (save a backup first you want to keep your current colors):

The environment variable %APPDATA% might look like this "C:\Users\yourUser\AppData\Roaming".

Change Colors Manually

You can edit the colors manually, open the ABAP Netweaver and go to a source code (e.g. SE38), in the bottom-right corner, you will see an icon to open the source settings.

Then, go to the Fonts and Colors tab to edit the colors for each item, as you see below, you can also select a diferente Font for coding. Usually, monospaced fonts are better for development, like Fira Code or Consolas, for example.

Feeling creative? Share your own color scheme with me 😃


Have fun!