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This weekend, 20 jammers from SAP, local universities and businesses gathered at the SAP AppHaus in Heidelberg for the Global Sustainability Jam. The Heidelberg jammers were one of more than 60 locations around the world all working simultaneously on creative ideas around the topic AB3.

What is AB3 and what does it mean? We weren't too sure either, but after brainstorming, researching, ideating and prototyping all weekend long, each of our four teams was ready to present their product prototype to an audience of invited guests on Sunday afternoon.

Here's an overview of the four project teams and their prototypes:

Team Out of the Box presented their idea Turning Tables - a website for life exchange, where people can meet and take up new opportunities in other countries. The team presented their idea via video and Skype.

Team Don't Panic, It's Just Water presented their Active Balance 3 (AB3) app. This app tracks the user's mood and makes creative suggestions for mood improvement. The team's prototype was on paper and they used a lot of props, including wigs and a devil doll.

The Orchids presented their website The Why Spy, intended as place for peer-to-peer activism. They created a video and an active website. Check it out here!

Team Hidden Scene presented their Jam Heroes, a website to connect children with volunteers to teach them skills and engage them in after-activities. Their prototype was a video.

Workshop attendees said that that Jam was a great experience. "I learned a new way of thinking and of working," one said. Another said it was interesting that although everyone had the same topic, the teams all came up with very different ideas.

For more, check out the series of blogs documenting the weekend.