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From the customer point of view Application list viewer is the way to summarize the data and to project the data on the output screen .

This Blog will help you understand what kind of an ALV table should be presented to the customer .

The customer might ask for a Simple ALV table but it is always a good practice to give a polished end product that will keep both the customer and business happy.

  1. Stick to one style of programming:
    Either Procedural or Object-Oriented style (OOPs), it is always a good practise to follow one style . I personally feel OOps is good for me as it is very handy to extend the program and do changes in the ALV.

  2. Include the inbuilt tool bar in an ALV:
    Try to include the inbuilt toolbar and disable if any functionalities that are not required, like sometimes i get request from the client not to include sort buttons.

  3. Include functioning Change layout in ALV:
    Sometimes the client requires only 5 fields from a table in ALV, but in the background all the fields from the ALV can be included this will give the client to choose any fields in the future for comparison or review.


4. Make the ALV more approachable:
           In order to make the ALV more approachable, include a container with summary of the                       program. I generally like including the program name along with summary, date, username .


These are few tips that I follow to enhance the experience of ALV from a developer as well as a customer's perspective.


In the next Blog I will try to deep dive this with an actual example. Stay tuned 🙂

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