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This blog is part of a blog series focusing on SAP S/4HANA Extensibility. It is one of 5 blog posts taking care of the technical setup of extensibility with a focus on In-App Extensibility. Navigate to the header blog SAP S/4HANA Cloud Extensibility -  Engraving sample scenario


Custom Analytics

In order to get some analytical insights about which engravings have been ordered in which month i will now setup some custom analytics.

Goto app: Custom Fields and Logic

Enter custom field: yy1_engraving

Goto tab: UIs and Reports enable C_SALESORDERITEMQRY

Publish the field again.

Goto app: View Browser


Check if the field YY1_engraving is assigned.

C_SALESORDERITEMQRY is referenced to I_SALESORDERITEMCUBE therefor the YY1_engraving field will also be assigned to the view. Please check-

Goto app: Custom Analytical Queries

Press: "New"


  • Query Name = "Engraving_Analytics"


Press: "OK"

New query will be created

Goto tab: "Field Selection" and select the fields like shown below.

Goto tab: "Filters" and enter the filter values for fields: Exchange Rate Type"

Display Currency


Press: "Save" and "Preview"

Go back and press: "Publish"

The status should change quickly to "Published". The Publishing of the service my be time consuming.

Goto App: "Create KPI"


  • Title = "engraving analytics"

  • Description =  "engraving analytics"

    OData Service = /sap/opu/odata/sap/YY1_ENGRAVING_ANALYTICS_CDS


    Value Measure = NetAmountInDisplayCurrency

Press: "Activate and Add Evaluation"


  • Evaluation = "engraving analytics"

Press: "Activate and Configure Tile"


  • Semantic Object = "SalesOrderItem"

Press: "Save and Configure Drill-Down"

Select Evaluation: "engraving analytics"

Press: "Configure"

Select: Engraving

Press: "OK"

Press: "Back"

Press: "Save and Publish"

Select the business catalog(s) the tile should be assigned to

Select the business catalog(s) and press: "Publish"

When the publishing is finished you can add the tile to the Fiori Launchpad.

Press: Icon in the upper left corner + "Edit Home Page"

Press: "+" in the group where you want to add the tile.

Search for engraving + select the tile: "engraving analytics"

Highlights and Conclusion: 

This blog shows how you can create custom analytics for an extensibility scenario.

The blog outlines that the In-App Extensibility tools are powerful, easy to consume and life cycle stable.


This is a subchapter of the blog SAP S/4HANA Cloud Extensibility –  Engraving sample scenario