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Yes, blogging here was a little „uncomfortable“ lately. Yes, bugs are annoying, and you think to yourself „I don’t have the nerve to deal with that.“ Here are four reasons, why it’s worth it nevertheless:

Writing is education

First in general: With every word, every sentence you write your language will improve. And that’s something usable for everybody in every situation of life. Whether for business or private, who can express oneself clearly and comprehensible will convince other more easily. The high art of rhetoric that already the ancient Greeks had practiced is helpful in contact with clients, for discussions with friends, for leading employees or negotiations with the boss. Of course, you could buy one book after the other about how to present, make a good impression, convince others or a self-confident appearance. But like at all practical activity – and rhetoric is nothing else – it’s coming down to one thing: practice, practice, practice! And if there’s also a benevolent community, giving feedback and in which everyone wants to develop together, there’s nothing to stop us.

Swarm intelligence/learning from each other

I admit: The internet has some wrong sides: betrayal, often a lack of quality, in other words, inferior content, data isn’t safe everywhere, just to mention some disadvantages. Sure, the term of „swarm intelligence“ is not always taken seriously, but in a community of experts, like we are, it has its relevance. We aren’t some ordinary wannabes. One is an expert in this field, the other one at another. Let’s share our knowledge so everyone may make progress. There’s a lot to learn from one another! If there’s a problem, we can help each other. One at that end, next one on the other, just like a busy ant colony. But everyone knows that an ant colony isn’t made of ten or twenty members. To get it working, we have to be many!


With the just mentioned expertise, we’re making ourselves independent. We’re not relying on someone solving every problem for us. We can do that on our own! We don’t have to wait until someone’s „taking a pity“ on us and giving us an answer. Let’s tackle it! In a community where everyone has the same voice, there are no hierarchies anymore, and everybody gets space for talents and abilities. Who knows, maybe there are some hidden geniuses among us.

Connections and contacts

Last but not least: We will get to know each other. Across country borders, we’re able to connect and find fruitful cooperation. This special expert for precisely that problem, annoying you for such long time and for that no one in your usual environment had a solution: maybe he or she sits in Siberia, Honolulu or a small Austrian village. Without the exchange of a global-seeded community, you probably wouldn’t have met you „software-soulmate“ ever… The possibility of worldwide connecting is one of the best sides of the internet, so why miss the chance?

These were just four aspects, showing how much all of us, but also every single person, benefit from blogging. Maybe you’ll find further advantages by trying it yourself…