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Would SAP certify this ?

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As a part of larger solution,  we are planning on building a “J2EE application” which picks our propriety data from database and enters into SAP PM module via JCA/JCO. We want this J2EE application to be certified by SAP to give reassurance to our clients that our application would correctly map the data to SAP PM module & follows SAP recommendation.

My question is

  1. Would SAP be open to certify this kind of J2EE Application
  2. What would be the packages available to us if we require some SAP consulting help for assessment, consulting & certification
  3. Are their SAP Certified Partners In India who can help us with this . If so, could you provide us with a list or at least point a couple

Would really appreciate your assistance in this regards

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Dear Mandeep,

My Colleague  will contact you ASAP to provide the more info.

Thank you,


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