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what is integrated planning in sap bi

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what is integrated planning in sap bi

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Hi Puja,

A very late reply.....but find below the details if useful now

SAP BI Integrated Planning is a tool provided by SAP to do planning on data coming from different sources. It enables to set up a planning process with which the user can effectively plan and monitor the progress of their plans.

Planning is generally done for profit and loss management, investment management, resource management  etc.  by comparing the plan values with the actual ones.

In BI Integrated planning, the user is able to enter plan data via Bex Reports and the values get stored in the back end BI Plan Cubes. Actual data is loaded upto the cube as normal ETL in BI.

The plan data flow from top to bottom can be as below:

     User enter value from query output may be on portal or Bex Analyser or Web Templates

     Bex Report


     Plan Cube 

Actual data flow will be as:

     data source

     DSO / Cube

The cube can be loaded with data only one way at a time...

Load mode (Only loading allowed)

Plan mode (Only Planning allowed)

This property can be changed by right click on the Cube itself or in a process chain.