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Web Cockpit developent (SEM-CPM or VC or something else)

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This question is intended for SAP Development team or Product management team. We are looking to make a strategic decision about the tool set to build BI Cockpit on the Web.

SAP has competing technologies, which can deliver the cockpit on the web and as a customer we need to make a choice that is right for at least next 3-5 years. We do not want to develop the cockpit using the technology that is not moving ahead with SAP development.

Our current environment: BW 3.5, EP 5.0 system. Plan to upgrade EP 6.0 in next 3 month.

As per my understanding, following are the tools that can be used for development of web cockpit.

1) Web Application Designer with or without any Java scripting.

2) SEM-CPM (Corporate Performance Monitor).

3) BSP (Business Server Pages) /HTMLB -

4) Visual Composer with EP.

Customer’s business team has seen SEM-CPM and inclined to use that. As a IT team we want to choice the right tool set.

Following are my questions:

1) SEM-CPM: Does it have good foot print at SAP Customer base? Is it good tool to develop the Cockpits as primary tool set? Is SAP developing this technology in the future? I have not seen any updated white paper or documentations in after 2003.


2) Visual composer is the right tool. Visual composer allows the BW and Non BW Data presentation. For our purpose, all data will be in BW and BW queries will be the only source for the cockpit.

As IT team, we want to avoid using Java Script or other programming process because of the support & maintenance issues involve.

Please help and provide comment or suggestions.

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SEM-CPM is not a very flexible tool. We have to live with its limitations. We cannot customise to suit client needs. There are limitations in chart types also. If customer uses excel based charts for metrics currently, check whether they are possible thro' CPM. Please also check the latest version of SEM-CPM.

I would request to considering other alternatives as suggested ike Web cockpit based on Web Application Designer with or without any Java scripting.likes or BSP (Business Server Pages) /HTMLB or VC (not worked on this).