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Want to add the SAP Error Messages to the OS Syslog file.

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I have a specific requirement. I need your inputs or ideas.

Actually I want to send the SM21 error messages (as and when it happens ) to the OS Sys log file of solaris.

Is there a simple way to achieve this.

I have the following Idea:

01. I have to somehow able to capture the error message from SAP as and when it happens.

02. should execute an OS command ( $ logger -p user.error <captured_error> ) from the SAP level, so that SAP system error will be added to the OS system Log.

( Basically the Middleware is monitoring the OS errors and updating the managers upon a critical error or warning, now we are planning to extend the same so that SAP errors ( if added to the OS errors) would get updated to the Managers.)

Hope I am clear.

Basically, to acheive the above 01 and 02, I need your inputs as to how to achieve it practically.

Best Regards,

L Raghunahth

PS: SYS. Environment : R/3 4.6C / Oracle 8.1.7 / Solaris 9.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Just some general comments:

- Putting every SAP SM21 message into the OS syslog is not a good idea in my opinion, there are just too many of them. If you filter on only important messages, then you might be ok.

- It is possible to read the SAP logs with the rslgview utility, but the output is a bit cryptic

rslgview -d -ft pf=<your_instance_profile_here>

- Another way would be to write an ABAP job, which writes the messages to a file

Best regards


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