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I'm having trouble viewing comments from within an input schedule using the "View Comments" link located under "BPC Tasks" in the action pane. I've tried using all possible combinations of comment searches, priorities, origins, and date ranges but nothing seems to work.

Strangely, if I login to BPC Web and create a system report for comments I don't have any problems. This is great except that the process is a bit too cumbersome for users.

Your help is greatly appreciated.


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Unfortunately, reporting on comments in Excel can sometimes be like looking for a needle in a haystack. If you ever forget precisely where they were saved (accounting for every single dimension), they can be very hard to find, due to the somewhat non-intuitive way the


keyword is implemented (i.e., it's not a catch-all wildcard).

If you have access to the backend database and some basic SQL query skills, check in the table CommentAppName and you can find the exact intersection where the comment is stored.

And then if you know the user / entity / comment text that you're looking for, you can find it on the backend to see exactly how it was stored.

Depending on what you find there, you may want to revise how comments are stored in the first place, to give users fewer dimensions to choose from, and establish hard-and-fast rules for the other dimensions: e.g, comments always stored in RptCurrency=LC.