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VEG7.1 installation Issue

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Hi all,

I am installing the VEG server as the integration mode with SAP DMS, I mainly referred to the Administrator's Guide of SAP Visual Enterprise Generator. Document Version 1.3-27/02/2013

I have two issue here:

1.When importing server certificate on SAP VEG IIS, the guide said that we have two options: one is for .PFX-file, the other is for .CER-file. I know the .PFX certificate may be the one that was exported from VEG, but what is the .CER certificate? where it is from? should I just rename the certificate with suffix of .CER?

2. When creating logical port. after I uploaded the WSDL file that downloaded from SAP note and  Apply Settings, then after I choose Applu Settings on Select one single binding out of the list of potential bindings indicated by WSDL document screen, I got below error: SRT Framework exception: The WSDL document is not compatible with proxy class"CO_VEG_OUTBOUND"; "Unsupported Operations; JobStart, WorkflowsGetDetails, WorkflowGetDetails,WorkflowGetDetails"

Aslo see the error in attached screenshot



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Hi William,

In your first question you said that you are trying to import server certificate into VEG IID. Can you please clarify what "server certificate" you want to import and why? Is it client certificate from ERP? With VEG 7.1 you don't have to do that anymore as VEG 7.1 supports username/password authentication as well as client certificate.