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Validation rules

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hi experts..

Im using the currently validation business rule, and in the Validation Rules table there is a filter for the other source dimension and other destination member..

I have used the other destination member to filter the destination of the validation accounts.. using comma delimeter e.g. 'OTHER1=NONE1,OTHER2=NONE2,ACCTFLOW=F_CLO'.. but when i used the filter on the source dimension member.. It didt work, well it works on a single dimension filter but it didnt work if there are two or more dimension filter.... it only relturn a xero value...

does it really works that way??


Bennie Jay..

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Hi Bennie Jay,

It works slightly different for the 'source' column. Below an example of a working syntax using two different dimension, but you can add more:

(category=actual OR category=budget) and intco=inone


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Thanks... it works now...why didnt i thing of that... lol

Thank you very much..

Bennie Jay