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T-code KSII script to post despite errors

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Hello scripting family!

I currently run SAP transaction KSII - Price Calculation.  I have a script in place to run t-code KSII as a "Test Run", then, i select the back button and when the pop-up comes up to ask if I'd like to post the Price Calculation, my script selects Yes.  Then when the pop-up comes up that says that the Price Calc has posted, my script presses the Enter button.  But, if there is an error an extra pop-up box comes up that says "Do you want to post despite errors?".  But, my script is set up to just hit enter because it expects the pop-up that tells me that it posted.  Does anyone know of a code that will do the following:

IF a pop-up box comes up that says "Do you want to post despite errors", THEN select YES.  IF NOT, then continue with the next code (or just press enter). 

Any help is greatly appreciated!!  🙂



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Chris,

each window has a title. This one can ask for.

for example:

if session.findById("wnd[1]").text = "Errormessage" then

. . .


. . .

end if



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Hi Scriptman,

As always, you have been a big help and your suggestions worked!  Thank you so much!   

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