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status and tracking system

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hi all

what is status and tracking system?

what is the use of status and tracking system?


shalini gupta

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Dear Shalini Gupta,

Status and Tracking System:

The BW-BPS Status and Tracking System helps you to monitor the processing progress within the different planning tasks of your company. The system keeps a record of the iterations, which run through a specific planning task in practice (requisition note bottom-up, resource assignment top-down) and brings together the planning objects created in the planning environment with the employees, who edit the actual planning tasks with these objects.

The planning process in the Status and Tracking System is divided into the following elements:

· Subplan:

A specific business subarea of business planning, for example profit planning, balance sheet planning, cost center planning.

· Planning session:

A single program run of the iterative planning process where with every iteration a better adjustment of deviating plan values is aimed for (for example, requisition note vs. resource assignment, sales key figures vs. sales targets). A planning session is used in the Status and Tracking System for the versioning of the different planning cycles so that the approximation process is documented in the system and can be understood. A particular subtask can change status several times (for example new, for approval, rejected, for approval, approved) within a planning session. A planning session is completed when all the subtasks contained in it have got the status “approved”.

· Organizational hierarchy:

Part of the hierarchical organizational structure of your company, which describes the employees involved in the planning process and their corporate relations. Every hierarchy node represents an area of responsibility for a specific subplan within the planning process. At the same time, the hierarchy serves as a guiding line for the approval process of a subplan and for performing status-dependent notification management.

The Status and Tracking System is a Web-based application, which is exclusively designed for execution in a Web browser. As a result, you can execute the work where the system supports you, wherever you are and without any special installations on your PC. On the other hand, you make the Customizing of subplans and the planning sessions belonging to them in the BW System.



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thanks for ur reply naveen

shalini gupta