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ST03 Analysis

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Hi ,

Can anybody give me how to go about detailed workload analysis using ST03. Till now i only look

for average response times. Also, I am not aware about the meaning of the fields like ' STEPS' and 'TRIPS' in the screen of ST03. In general what will be the thresholds of the average response times?

Please explain me with a screenshot if possible.



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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Rama,

Please find the details as below:

<b>STEPs - No of dialog steps:</b>

Number of steps in the SAP system. The exact meaning of a step is dependent on the task type:

DIALOG: A transaction step corresponds to a screen change, that is, a request that the SAP R/3 system executes for a user.

BACKGROUND: A background job can consist of one or more transaction steps.

UPDATE: An update request that was started by a call from the dialog or background processing, corresponds to one transaction step, even if multiple updates are processed.

SPOOL: Multiple print requests are usually processed in one step.

The SAP R73 kernel generates a statistical entry for each transaction step. You can evaluate these in the business transaction analysis.

Only the task types DIALOG (without RFC, ALE, CPIC), UPDATE, and UPDATE2 can be evaluated in the transaction detail analysis

<b>TRIPS - Number of roundtrips:</b>

A roundtrip is a communciation step between the application server and the local SAP R/3 front end during a dialog step.

<b>For Detailed study with various analysis options in St03 work load analysis, please go through the sap help page</b>

Wikis page on ST03.

<u>The average dialog response can be in the range of 1000-1200 ms. Below 1000ms is very good.</u>

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