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The out of the box optimise task, takes an application set offline (if the user select full optimise), and updates / zaps the various fact tables. HOWEVER, it does not put the application set back online.

OK, I added a SystemAvailable task to follow the Admin_optimise Task (and called the package something different).

I added:

TASK(SystemAvailable Task, APPSET,%APPSET%)


to the modifyscript, expecting it it work.

Yes it makes the applicationset Available again BUT:

right at the very beginning it asks which Applications you want to optimise, as a free form TEXT BOX.

(if it was any good, it would be a dropdown list showing all applications within the application set, but never mind)

The only application it accepts is an application we have called ADVERTISING. I'm guessing it accepts this, because its the first application (alphabetically speaking) that exists in the appication set. No other application is acceptable to it, and the documentation on this sucks.

What other properties of the SystemAvailable Task do I need to update to get around this, or is this yet another feature of SAP BPC.

If you can help, please......

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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You have encountered something that I have seen with some specific versions of BPC (don't know exactly which). The problem is that you cannot select more than one application, it believe it only accepts the application that you are logged on to.

I advice you to make an entry at support for this problem.

When I encounter this problem, I normally create an optimize package for each application. I hardcode the application name in this package.

Hope this helps,


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