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SPICBOOKING: Intercompany Booking Rules

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Hi Guys,

I searched a lot for previuos threads, but had no success: that's why I' asking your help.

In order to have a proper Legal IC Elimination we:

1. Wrote a simple Intercompany Booking Rule with one debit and one credit account and loaded Application in order to have suitable data to be eliminated.

2. Created the necessary Script Logic (based on SPICBOOKING Stored Procedure) to be called in a DTS

3. Creted a DM Package

In the Log (DataPackage View Details) we see no data has been generated: Revenues and Costs are still there. In the help we can get:

Intercompany booking rules are split into two independent procedures:

SPICDATA: This procedure can be used to copy the declarations of all entities versus a given entity by intercompany account. Essentially, it concentrates into each single entity the declarations of all other entities versus each entity. This mechanism allows the owners of an entity to run a report matching all its declarations against what the rest of the world has declared against the entity, without the need to assign to each owner read permits into other entities.

SPICBOOKING: This procedure can be used to automatically generate the bookings which will make the intercompany declarations to match. The stored procedure SPICBOOKING is driven by the table called clcBOOKING_.

The following table describes the options for setting up an intercompany booking rule.


What's wrong? Did we miss something?

Did anybody of you used Intercompany Booking Rules successfully?

Can you please share your experience about?

Thanks in advance


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I think we have got spicbooking working. I just added the following to sprunconso:



Note that our 'ConsolView' is the Grou/Currency dimension.

I'm not yet sure that it is properly following the Seller/Buyer/Greatest amount rule. I need to check the numbers more closely.

I tried to get spicdata working but it seems to need a huge number of parameters...and I do not have that sorted out. At this point it is erroring out. I really want this to work because I do not want to set up a whole new ICMatching App.

Try it and see if it works. I'm sure I will learn from your experience as well! Good luck

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Hi Tara,

thanks for your answer. We are working in a little bit different way. In fact we wrote a new ScriptLogic (that should run SPICBOOKING ...) and then invoked such a Script Logic within a new DTS.

We tried with your own code, and then wrote in our Script Logic:


We kown this is not working with parameters ... but this is a secondary problem for the moment.

When we execute the DM Package associated to the DTS (that invokes our Scrip logic) we get the following messages:

Building sub-query 1
Query Type:0
Max members:


Time to run stored procedure:.3 sec.

call 1 completed and data posted in 0.3 sec.

Run completed in 0.4 sec.
End time --->12:15:43 PM  -  Date:11/19/2008

Is that right? According to us it should also report the number of records read and written? Does your BPC work in the same way or do you get also the number or records involved?

Anyway may be we wrote wrong Intercompany Business Rules: the meaning of each field is still unclear to us ... For example, considering the fields available, and the Help indications (very poor in this case):

Parent matching account: A parent account member from the Account dimension or DIMLIST. Is it mandatory? what is the purpouse of this field?

Booking destination data source: A DataSrc member. We setted AJ_ELIM

Max booking amount: The maximum amount authorized to book. Mandatory?

Debit account: An Account member. We indicated a INC Account loaded with the appropriate IntCoL

Debit flow: A Flow member. F_NONE for us ... but is it mandatory?

Debit intco: An Intco member or blank. BLANK

Credit account: An Account member. We indicated a EXP Account loaded with the appropriate IntCoL

Credit flow A Flow member. F_NONE for us ... but is it mandatory?

Credit intco: An Intco member or blank. BLANK

How did you managed these fields?

Thank you very much for your cooperation: I hope we will be successfull!