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SoD Error in Back system

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While changing the user in SU01 the following error occured:

SAP Adapter has a problem, SOD violations will not be checked !!!

Please check with your system Administrator

Technical Info:

Bean VIRSA/RT_JAVA_RISK_ANALYSISnot found on host ulldev, ProgId =GRCRTTOCC5X

I searched and found a thread with the same error but the OSS mentioned in that thread was not opening in the service marketplace (Error was Requested OSS Notes was either in reworking mode or it is released internally)

Can you please help me on this error?

Can you please paste the content of the OSS Note: 1145048


Kumar Rayudu

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Kumar,

Please check SAP Note 1225960 which has the same issue mentioned and is available for download.

The content of note 1145048 is also pasted below.

1. Go to Backend system where Risk Terminator is giving this error.

2. Go to SM59 and delete all (old and new) TCP/IP connections created

for Risk Terminator per note 1060673.

3. Now go to Visual Admin -> Server<number> -> Services -> JCo RFC


Here if you see any entries related to TCP/IP connector you created for

Risk Terminator, delete them all, by clicking 'Remo..' (Remove) button.

4. Then go to Backend system (where RTA is installed) and follow below


a. SM59 -> click on TCP/IP and click 'Create'.

b. Give 'RFC Destination' name and it should be EXACTLY 10 character

long. Apart from that first three characters should be System Id. Say

'PRDGRCCONN' (This is precautionary step).

c. Now select 'Connection Type' as T.

d. Give Description.

e. Under 'Technical Settings' tab select radio button 'Registered

Server Program' and enter 'Program ID' EXACTLY 10 character (This is

compulsary step). And the important thing you have to take care while

giving name is that no character in this program id name should be part

of 'RFC Destination' name given in step 'b.' above. Per above 'RFC

Destination' name, Program ID should be like 'ABEFHIJKLM' (This is

precautionary step).

f. Avoid entering value for 'Gateway Host' while creating TCP/IP


g. However 'Gateway service' entry is MUST. Use transaction 'RSGWLST'

to check the same.

h. Go to transaction /VIRSA/ZRTCNFG and maintain option 'RFC

destination for release CC5.X' same as 'RFC Destination' given above in

step 'b.' say 'PRDGRCCONN' and 'Save'.

5. Now go to Frontend Compliance Calibrator 5.2 and follow below steps:

a. Go to 'Configuration' -> 'Connector' -> 'Search' -> 'Search' ->

select the relevant connector and click 'Change'.

b. Now change 'Report Name' to be same as Program ID given while

creating TCP/IP connection and per above example it should be

'ABEFHIJKLM' and 'Save'.

c. Now 'Logoff' from Compliance Calibrator.

d. 'Login' again into Compliance Calibrator 5.2 and go to

'Configuration' -> 'SAP Adapter' and click on the grey diamond for the

relevant SAP system.

e. If it don't become Green and gives error, then restart J2EE. Else

test Risk Terminator in the Backend system by creating or changing one

conflicting Role.



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Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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According the OSS Note: 1145048, i resolved the issue but after sometime the same is error coming when i change the user.


Kumar Rayudu

Edited by: Kumar Rayudu on Aug 26, 2009 11:41 AM

Edited by: Kumar Rayudu on Aug 26, 2009 11:45 AM