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Set a SAP Background Job

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We have a below requirement to setup a SAP Background job

1. Background job "A" runs daily for all seven days 

2. The requirement is to schedule one more "B" job immediately after completion of above job "A", but this job need to be executed only on Thursday.

How do we do this?

3. Also Schedule the "B" job daily (Friday to Wednesday) excluding Thursday

How do we do this?



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Answers (2)

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Hi Sameer,

Use SM36 for scheduling the Background jobs. Schedule the Jobs A normally.

For scheduling the job B, you can use the option 'Start Condition' and then use the option 'After Job'

and give the Job A.

I hope this helps.



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Bear in mind that "After Job" does not work for periodic jobs. It'll only work once. Please check note Note 919458 - Program 'BTC_EVENT_RAISE'

"The start condition "Start after job" is internally mapped by means of "Start after event SAP_END_OF_JOB with the parameter <Jobname><Jobcount> of the predecessor". The pair <Jobname><Jobcount> is the unique key for a job. If a job is executed periodically, the SAP_END_OF_JOB event is always triggered with  different parameters."



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This isn't a SAPgui related question, so it should really have been asked elsewhere. Maybe over in the NetWeaver space?

That said, here's how I would achieve this. I don't believe there's a way to what you want as simply as you have stated it. I would schedule 6 weekly versions of job A, running Friday to Wednesday. Then schedule a job on Thursday with two steps, one for job A and one for job B. That takes care of parts 1 & 2 of your requirement. For part 3, simply create 6 weekly versions of job B, one for each of Friday to Wednesday.

Does that make sense? There are a lot more separately scheduled background jobs that you'd like but I don't believe there's a better way of doing this in standard NetWeaver. You may be able to construct something simpler using SAP Central Process Scheduling, but that's overkill for just this one requirement.