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sapgui 730

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After lots of reading, searching....i'm turning on you to help me please!

I want to upgrade from 710 to 730 in our company, domain users.

On some machines it goes, on some not, regardles of OS (xp, 7).

AWUS check's but reports error, lok in attachment log file.

I have go with sugested way (wus.txt) from mr. Bob Held! Thank You Bob!

Another question. I have created a new Installation server from scratch,

imported products, created packages and patched them. Now, package has a

name, but how does a client (AWUS)know, wich package is the right one, if i din't gave

a package the same name? Or, how can i tell to awus client, take this package?

It has to be some cfg file on client...but where...

Thank's to all!

Best regards!


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Hi MV,

Check whether the installation server share is listed in the policy "Network access: Shares that can be accessed  anonymously". To do that please open the "Local Security Policy" tool in your server. In the tree navigate to "Security  Settings" -> "Local Policies" -> "Security Options" -> "Network access: Shares that can be accessed anonymously".

If your installation server's file share doesn't show up there then please add it and check whether the Automatic Update  Service on the clients then also works using the SYSTEM account. If it doesn't then
please check whether changing the  policy "Network access: Let Everyone permissions apply to anonymous users" to "Enabled" fixes the problem.

And please make sure "Accounts: Guest account status" # Enabled.



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Hi Hugo!

At first thank You for help and sory for late answer!

All the settings are and were as U say.

But the log is the same: not a valid server.

I have noticed these days, that upgrade to 7.30 happens anyway on some of the machines. It is very asinchronus behavior, wich is actualy ok, so the server isn't occupied to much.

Is there a way to force the update from a client? If i restart the AWUS, it reports that log and does nothing. I know i can run nwsapsetup etc...

Thank You again!