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SAP Widget Foundation Problem

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Hi gurus.

I have a problem with SAP Widget foundation. The context is:

I'm doing a widget for the SEO of the company. This widget must have some pie chart and others chart types. The SAP widget foundation with eclipse, only is possible make line charts. To solve this I though if I can to show a URL like google in the widget, Why I can not show a URL generated by the web application designer (The web application designer have more useful charts).

I tried to do this but I found a problem when I tried to execute a WAD URL in the widget.

The url is like this:


When I try to open this URL in the widget, it appear but many seconds after the follow pop up message appear:

"A popup blocker is activated for URL <your BI server URL>. This prevents distributed session management (DSM) from functioning correctly. The BEx Web application will therefore be ended. See SAP Note 919196.

Deactivate the popup blocker for URL <your BI server URL> and restart the BEx Web application."

I found this note: 1159538 but I'm not sure what I have to do.

Anyone have the same error?

Try to open in your widget a WAD url.

Thanks for your help.


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Answers (3)

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Thank Ramesh. Fist Option is working. POP Block issue resolved

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Maybe this fits:


were able to solve the problem entering sapregsv.exe mshtml.tlb in C:\Program Files\SAP\SapSetup\setup.

It seems to be an alternative to reinstall the Internet Explorer.

The original source of the solution is:

SAP GUI removal breaks I.E. integration, 3rd answer (thecdog on 11/13/2008)

Best regards


See "main" thread PopUp blocker preventing BI 7.0 Web reports

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Internet Explorer 7

· Windows XP:

You can execute a command on the command line on the relevant PC to implement the correction.

o SAP GUI installed

Sapregsv.exe mshtml.tlb

o SAP GUI no longer installed

C:WINDOWSsystem32URTTEMP egtlib.exe MSHTML.tlb

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Thanks Ramesh!

The second option fixed the popup blocker problem on my machine.

The problem started after I installed the fron end patch bi710sp09p_901-10004472.exe

Thanks again!