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SAP Web Service called from C# Windows App

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I have a windows app that takes in some variables and then passes them to a SAP Web Service. I have other services in the app that run perfectly fine. The problem is in this particular service, a few of the fields are not getting through.

Web Service A inside SAP has a few QUAN fields in it. Now when I reference them in Visual Studio, they want them as decimal. I load the structure correctly with a decimal, but when they get to the web service, they are all zeros. I confirmed this with a Breakpoint in VS and stepping through the program. I also have an External Breakpoint inside SAP and it goes from X (whatever decimal I got) inside VS to 0 inside SAP.

Does SAP have a problem picking that up if its trying to go into a QUAN field? Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Hi Curtis,

Did you have any luck finding a solution to this? I've run into the same issue.