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SAP GUI v7.2 and the new Security features

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I have some pre-recorded .vbs scripts we execute sometimes at night that will produce us output files from standard SAP transactions. After our upgrade from v6.4 to v7.2 our scripts are getting a Access Denied message. Researching more we find that the SAP security settings with STATUS = CUSTOMIZED and Default Action = ASK or ALLOW (the default now after installing v7.2) we find an entry for ProgramFiles. For some reason, the default output from our scripts is going to:

C:\Program Files\SAP\FrontEnd\SAPgui directory and the GUI security is denying it access to write files. We have a special security OU setting on our machines that gives us ONLY c:\program files\SAP\* full permissions. If we change status from Customize to Disable, the scripts once again work like they did in v6.4. Is there maybe a registry setting somewhere that is overriding out normal output path? XP machines should write to c:\documents & Settings\<user>\Application Data\SAP\Common

according to OSS note 1442303 that mentions replacing SAPWORKDIR structure. Ideas?

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Hello Troy,

if your security settings give you full permissions to c:\program files\SAP\* then you can also switch off the new SAP GUI Security Center. Of course this path is listed in the Security Center [SAP:GUIInstallDir] and the access is restricted - otherwise you could attack the SAP GUI and its security settings.

So if you really want to write files to c:\program files\SAP\* then consequently you have to switch off the new security settings....

Kind regards,