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SAP Data Archiving - Reading archived data in custom abap program

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We do SAP data archiving and have the need to include the archived data in some custom abap programs.

I know it is possible, as many standard SAP transactions do display the archived data, and we are maintaining the infostrucutures to index it, but I can not find instructions or a program template that gives a good example of actually finding the correct infostructure table name, and following the "address" that is stored in the archiving tables to actually read the record from the repository.  And this would need to be for various data objects. 

Does anyone know where any program examples and programming documentation is for this process?   SAP no longer is scheduling the class for ADK programming.  

We are on ECC 6.04, and do not have ILM.  We use an OpenText (formerly IXOS) repository to store the files of archived data.

Ruth Jones

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Hello Ruth,

I just had a brief discussion with a colleague from Archiving and he recommended to use the functional module AS_API_READ for reading the data from the archived information system. This functional module is well documented in the system.

Please address further questions related to ILM or Archiving in this SCN Forum

Best regards,

Sebastian Schmitt