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RSPLAN-Start Modeller does not open up browser

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Hello all,

For transaction RSPLAN,when one of our users clicks on Start Modeller,it does not open up the browser.Nor there is an error message neither any other actvity.

Theres just a message at the bottomsaying "Browser Starting".

Strnge thing is the same user can open the browser through Start Modeller when RSPLAN is opend in SAP GUI 720 for the same system.

The issue happens for GUI 730!!!

I investigated all aspects and the only difference is GUI.

Can anybody advice me please??

I checked the other discussions as well but no help.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Mr Desai,

In 7.20 GUI I don't get any message about browser starting,

However I checked in SE93 for tcode RSPLAN, and this transaction code is

only released for SAPGUI for HTML, not SAPGUI for Windows.

You should raise a message with BW-PLA to check this.



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Thanks Jude for your help.

I will carry forward this.

But FYI,I have SAP GUi 730 for windows installed and we can run the TCODE RSPLAN.

this tcode has a button for Start Modeller.Clicking on that opens a browser.

I tried the same with 720 and it works.

Anyways ,i will update any progress on this.


Deep Desai

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