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Risk Owners approval for Role change/create in case Risk Found.

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In my BRM workflow, I want to acheive that when risk analysis is done, it should be approved by all the risk owners for that particular role. Any ideas on a broader level how we can implement this? In the default workflow, the role create or change goes only to the role approvers but we also need that in case risk violations are found, the workflow should send a request for approval to the respective Risk owners.

Any ideas would be highly appreciated.


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Risk Approval by actual Risk ID owners is not a Agent type that has been delivered/shipped as default by SAP for Access Request processes or for BRM methodology approval related workflow processes.

In reality, having each risk approved by each risk owner could be "overkill", e.g. in a environment where you may have 200 Risk ID's and each one has a specific owner assigned. So in a scenario where a role could have 26 individual Risk's identified, then you may need to wait for 26 different approvals at the Risk approval stage to proceed. If one of them were to reject, then the whole request for approval of changing that role would get rejected (Any one Approval is probably not a good idea for risk based stage approvals).

Having said that, SAP have provided a SAP note to iimplement actual "Risk ID" approvers as a agent type for access request (

I am not sure if the same SOD violiation Detour agent can be used within the BRM approval workflows or not, but it may be worth hearing what other members of the community have got to say, or if SAP themselves have a suggestion for your requirements by raising a OSS note.

On the forum, the idea of doing this via creating a custom BRF+ agent rule has been touted also, therefore it may be worth investigating.