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Removal of Script Logic from Application

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For our requirment, we have created script logic to copy one account to another.

*IS "PK024"
*REC(expression=%VALUE%*1, noadd, ACCOUNT="PK029", DATASRC="INPUT",RPTCURRENCY="USD") 

Now, we do not want this copy of values to happen. Thus I have removed the script logic.

Still the system, is copying values from account 24 to A/c 29.

Please to remove this logic.

Edited by: Anurag Tambe on Mar 12, 2009 1:06 PM

Edited by: Anurag Tambe on Mar 12, 2009 1:06 PM

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If you removed the lines but you didn't validate at the end of changes the logic then the system is still using the old version.

The system is using .lgx file which are created after the validation.

The changes are done into lgf or into .xls files and only after the validation the lgx is created.

So probably you modified the script but you didn't validate the script.

Another possibility is that you have include this script logic into another.

For example into default logic you have

#include yourfile.lgf

In this case even if you validate the file youfile script logic the default logic will still use the old version.

This because include is really include the script from the moment when you validate default logic.

So to do the correction you have to validate also default logic and from that moment your copy of account will not be executed anymore.

I hope this will help.


Sorin Radulescu

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Thanks....:-) It solved my issue.