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"No match nor conflict found"

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What is the difference between "No match nor conflict found" and "No Violations Found"? The No Match message I would expect if GRC cannot find the user perhaps, but I use the search function on a particular user, find and select the user, run the risk analysis and get the No Match message. While on other users, I get the No Violations message.

Thank you,

JD Schmidt

Edited by: Jon Schmidt on Oct 1, 2010 8:57 PM

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Hi everyone,

I have almost a same kind of scenario faced by Jon. The problem I'm facing is If I'm running risk analysis in RAR with "Excluded Mitigated Risk - No", I'm able to get all the data (i.e., Mitigated risks, unmitigated risks..etc) but the same when I'm running with "Exclude Mitigated Risk - Yes", the system is showing "No match nor conflict found" instead of "No violations found".

Any suggestion on this will be of good help.



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Hi Jon,

Yes you are right. Message "No match found " will come when GRC is not able to find the User.

For No Viloation found Message. It means that there are no violations associated with the user.

Kind Regards,


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Thank you for the response. That doesn't quite make sense to me because like I said above, I can search, find and select the user in GRC RAR and get the "no match or conflict found" message. If I can find the user within RAR, shouldn't I get the "No conflicts found" message or a list of conflicts if there are some?

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Good question!

Been a few months since I used GRC's RAR so this is really a guess/suggestion..

There are some sync jobs which need to be run regularly to refresh the data in RAR but, if you are searching on the user ID and not, say, user groups, then you should be okay but...

How about doing a simulation - adding a role that you know, if added, would create conflicts at user level. Don't assign the role in R3 though - just via simulation. If it reports on the user then you know the ID has been picked up in RAR.

I'm sure there are other people out there who will know the correct reply



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As erveryone mentioned, 'No match/conflict found' message shows up when RAR can not find any of the data which has been provided in the risk analysis screen. Are you only searching for user when submitting for risk analysis or are you providing any other information (e.g. risk id, user group etc.)?