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problems after SP10 upgrade in GRC

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Our GRC development system (5.3 SP4 )has been upgraded to SP10. Now we have following problems/queries:

1. According to SP10 release note of VIRFF:

UME Roles 'FFAdmin' for Creating Connectors and Execute Reports and 'FFReportsAdmin' only for Executing Reports, are added.

But I can not find any of the roles in UME. What could be the reason? How can we solve this? Will the solution affect any existing setting/data?

2. In RAR rule architect -rules library management view - rules by process section is not showing the number of rules as description but in the bar chart beside.

3. Mitigation control: after upgrade, I can see short description and detail description fields for a Mitigation control.

In GRC production(SP4), there is only one field "description" and detailed ong descriptions are written there for each control.

What change will happen to detailed descriptions if upgrade is done?

There was no mitigation control created in development previously - so this query arises.

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Answers (2)

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Hello Pal,

Have you uploaded the new UME actions delivered with the UME roles of SP10? If not, please reupload all the UME roles available with SP10 again and then check for permissions.

Regards, Varun

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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you're actually upgrading 6 support pack levels (btw., why SP10 - SP11 is available, too...), so please be sure to follow all the post-installation steps outlined here:

The UME roles are included in the VIRACCNTNT*.SAR file, it is recommended you upload those with every support pack (import into UME).

Regarding Mitigating Controls: try to generate one in DEV and see what the difference to SP04 is - it's probably just visual.