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Problem with the job "JOB SAP_COLLECTOR_FOR_NONE_R3_STAT"

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Hi All,

The "JOB SAP_COLLECTOR_FOR_NONE_R3_STAT" is listed as one of the standard SAP housekeeping jobs. When we run it in our systems, it finishes without an error in SM37 but we see the following error in the application log SLG1 :

Determination of component from SCR (CCMS system component repository) failed :

The system cannot determine the components for which the component collector is to be started. The cause is missing data in the CCMS System Component Repository (SCR). Either the SCR has not been filled or it contains no information about the components that write statistics records.

It says it requires user CMSREG to be created and background method dispatching of the CCMS Monitoring architecture must be activated in RZ21 > Technical Infrastructure

Do you know what benefits this job has? Does it make sense if we have Solution Manager? For Accounts where it is done, how much work is involved in setting up the SCR?

Please help in solving this issue.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Giridhar,

A user with specific, greatly restricted authorizations is required to monitor remote systems for the monitoring architecture using CCMS agents. We recommend that you create and use the user CSMREG for this purpose. CSMREG is also used to register a System Component Repository (SCR) with a central repository.

The CSMREG user must be created in all monitored systems; it is not created automatically.



1. Choose CCMS Configuration Alert Monitor, or call transaction RZ21.

2. Choose Technical Infrastructure Configure Central System Create CSMREG User.

3 Enter any password for this user. You require it, among other things, for the installation and registration of CCMS agents.

Hope this helps.,



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