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Problem with swap

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Hi Guru's

I have a problem with teh buffer, appears me a swap overflow

Can you tell me, what is teh correct parameter for this objects?

Export/import 85.33 40,000 391 1.15 20,000 4,177 20.89 157,816

Efficiency HITRATIO % 85

HITS 10,604,365

REQUESTS 12,427,632

DB access quality % 100

DB access 0

DB access saved 0

Reorgs 0

Size Allocated KB 40,000

Available KB 34,059

Used KB 29,842

Free KB 391

Directory entries Available 20,000

Used 15,823

Free 4,177

Swaps Objects swapped 9,810

Frames swapped 157,816

Resets Total 0

My current parameters are:

rsdb/obj/buffersize 40000 kB

rsdb/obj/max_objects 20000

rsdb/obj/large_object_size 8192 Bytes

rsdb/obj/mutex_n 0

And I have other prameter wrong

Initial records 98.38 17,250 1,699 10.62 10,000 6,044 60.44 9,469

Efficiency HITRATIO % 98

HITS 816,105

REQUESTS 829,581

DB access quality % 98

DB access 13,428

DB access saved 816,103

Reorgs 0

Size Allocated KB 17,250

Available KB 16,000

Used KB 14,301

Free KB 1,699

Directory entries Available 10,000

Used 3,956

Free 6,044

Swaps Objects swapped 9,469

Frames swapped 0

Resets Total 0

And my curretn parameters are:

rsdb/ntab/irbdsize 16000 kB

rsdb/ntab/entrycount 40000

I hope, you can help me!!


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Carlos,

From ST02 you can "current parameters" button, that will tell all current parameters per buffer.

You are bound to have swaps in some buffers altough ideally the number should be 0. Less than 10,000 a day is the maximum recommended by SAP.

Have a look at the history of the buffer and check when the swaps happened etc. Is it daily or a one off because something abnormal was running on the system a particular day.

Then check if the swaps happen because you're running out of space in the buffer or number of entries allowed. Then you can start thinking of tuning it.

Remenber that the swaps you see are since startup, so look at the history as well.

Let me know if you need any more help.


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Hi tHanks Pedro

I restart my instance the last week, in monday, only 8 days, in the company run jobs in the night all days, that jobs make a extract of the MM module information,

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi Carlos,

Refer to SAP note 103747 for setting the parametrs as per release.