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Problem in starting SAP and DB2

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Hi ,

I am facing problem in starting SAP,

I have installed the NW7.0 with DB2 trial version on SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server 10 SP2.

When I try start the SAP , It gives me the error

Why do I receive the error, "SQL6048N A communication error occurred during START or STOP DATABASE MANAGER processing." ?

Please can any one help me.



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Answers (2)

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Thanks for the help

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Dear Sridhar,

A TCP/IP communication error occurred while the START or STOP DATABASE MANAGER command was trying to establish connection with all the nodes defined in the sqllib/db2nodes.cfg configuration file.

possible solutions to fix SQL6048N:

Ensure that the node has the proper authorization defined in the .rhosts or the host.equiv files.

Ensure that the application is not using more than (500 + (1995 - 2 * total_number_of_nodes)) file descriptors at the same time.

Ensure all the Enterprise Server Edition environment variables are defined in the profile file.

Ensure the profile file is written in the Korn Shell script format.

Ensure that all the host names defined in the db2nodes.cfg file in the sqllib directory are defined on the network and are running.

For my case, itu2019s as simple as updating the hostname information defined in sqllib/db2nodes.cfg configuration file!

The db2start command rocks again after updating the hostname information!

If youu2019ve the same DB2 SQL6048N error code when starting DB2 Instance processes with db2start command, confirm the hostname in sqllib/db2nodes.cfg is correct, especially after changing Linux networking information, such as the server hostname!

Definetely it will work when you update the host information in sqllib/db2nodes.cfg.

Please let me know if you have still issues.