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problem in kernel patch application

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We are tring for kernal upgrade for last 2 days. Our kernel release is

700 and sup pkg level is 95 and we are trying to upgrade it to level


Our production system is having central instance instance.

in 227 the kernel files have been extracted

in /usr/sap/BPS/DVEBMGS01/exe and

in 228 :/usr/sap/BPS/D02/exe,


and /sapmnt/BPS/exe(This is mounted in 227 also)

But the kernel patch level is still showing 95.

Also in location usr/sap/BPS/ASCS00/exe the extraction was not

completed. While extracting SAPEXE_133-20001020.SAR got error message:

"SAPCAR: error in GetEntryData(); unknown block type (error 100). No

such file or directory"

Kindly suggest what has to be done.

Thanks and Regards,

Amit Jana.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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first check Note 19466 - Downloading SAP kernel patches for downloading and applying kernel patch.

don't extract kernel file into instance.

instead of that extract it on central instance where kernel for dialog instance is located.

i.e \sapmnt\<SID>\SYS\exe\nuc or uc\NtI386

check folloiwng for applying kernel patch on dialog instance

1. An attempt is made to start two instances with the same operating

system but a different kernel patch.

2. Kernels are exchanged on one or several instances with an operating

system that differs from the one of the central instance without

restarting the central instance.

In your case, it might be the second one. I write down the solutions

for both cases anyway:

for 1. Upgrade the kernel to the same patch level on all R/3 system

instances with the same operating system.

for 2. The following alternatives are available:

a) Restart the system to have the message server determine the new

patch level automatically.

b) Enter the new patch number in the message server status area

which previously contained the old patch level:

- Transaction SMLG

- Goto -> System Diagnosis -> Message server status area

- Enter new patch level.


while you extracting kernel make sure sapcar.exe belongs to different directory.

user option sapcar -R



Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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This problem is solved. The problem was with the files from which I was extracting. I compared with the files in quality system where the kernel was successful before and found file size diffference.

I did in host A


SYS/exe/run - this is mounted to host B also




Thanks and Regards,

Amit jana