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Performance problem in SAP WAS Java

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Hi all,

We are developing a Java WebDynpro Application over SAP WAS. Our businness logic has been developed in Java.

We have complex logic and we develped it with Eclipse and use JUnit test over Eclipse to prove our code. In these test, our complex logic takes over 10 minutes to do all its operations. But when we deploy these java code into SAP WAS it takes more than 50 minutes to do the same.

We have to increase memory size of Java Virtual Machine to do all the test in Eclipse. We have done the same fo SAP WAS Java Virtual Machine, but we get the same results. It's a very poor performance compared to our test in eclipse.

Does anybody had the same o similar problem in SAP WAS?

Has anybody references of how to tune SAP WAS JVM?


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Accepted Solutions (1)

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check out




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