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OpenText Archive Server file system layout

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Hi ,


We are planning to install OpenText Archive Server 10.5 in AIX 7.1 / Oracle 11G, just wondering if anyone can help me with file system layout
for Archive Server 10.5 on AIX information. Also need information if Oracle ASM is supported if we use oracle .

What to use SAN as storage for archiving? is that go idea for production system ?

We also want to install Opentext Archive server 10.5 with tomcat
7 on one node, and in another node it will be oracle db (ASM maybe if supported)
, is the distribution is ok? 

Any reply will be appreciated


Al Mamun

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Answers (1)

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Dear Abu Zahir Al-Mamun,

   The database can be installed locally or on a remote system. Installing AS with Tomcat on one node and Oracle DB on the another is a good approach.

    Just take care that you always use the host name instead of ip address. Just to avoid the pitfall of dynamic ip.