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No conflicting TXN Codes in R/3, but Virsa CC 5.1 shows as Conflicting Code

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Hi All,

We have successfully installed Virsa CC 5.1 on production.Thereby, now we are able to view all the risk voilations being shown in "Informer" Tab.


These voilation reports are listing those users also who actually dont have conflicting transaction code in the backend(R/3 ECC6.0).

Please help in solving out this problem.

Thanks in advance.



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Answers (2)

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I'd also suggest if your management reports are up to date. The management reports are on the first tab and give you the graphical overview. If you have changed roles and transactions and have not re-ran the management reports then you will not see this new overview. You have to make sure to re-run all background reports(User/Role/Profile Synchronization, Batch Risk Analysis, Critical Action and Role/Profile Analysis and Management Reports, in that order) anytime you make a change. I'd suggest scheduling these reports to run on the weekends


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A little more detail about your issue would help. Like what type of report you are viewing when you see these descrepances - summary vs detail. Also when you run the User report it should provide you with the security role where the transacion resides. Therefore I would confirm that the user has the roles and then confirm the transactions within the role. I would also check to see if there are risks created at the object level that tie back to a particular tcode. Lastly I would check to see what profiles these users have because profiles are evaluated in the SOD analysis as well (depending on your selection criteria of course)