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MSMP Workflow - Routing Issue

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Hi All,

We have a requirement as below.

Workflow with 4 stages.

First 2 stages for all roles.

3rd Stage approval only for FI roles

4th Stage approval is again common for all roles.

I created 3 paths.

Test Path - First 2 stages

Test Path 1 - 3rd and 4th stage

Test Path 2 - 4th Stage

In Test Path at stage 2, I maintained a routing rule which sends FI roles to Test Path 1 and other roles to Test Path 2.

This is working fine.

Now approvers at 4th stage raised a concern as to why they need to approve roles at their stage twice for same request?

This is happening because we have 4th stage in both paths Test Path 1 and Test Path 2.

Can I modify my paths so that FI roles goes to 3rd stages gets approved and then come back to 4th stage as well as roles other than FI skip 3rd stage and go to 4th stage?

Please suggest.



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Hi Madan,

I have had the same issue as you at one implementation.

It seems that once you split a request down different paths, the items can not be aggregated together again in MSMP. This unfortunately means that the same single approver will see the same request number twice, one with the FI roles, the other with the non FI roles.

At our implementation the  budget was tight for investing time and resources into trying to customise any code. Instead, the process flow and MSMP configuration was changed, so that any common approvals are performed at the first few stages, and any additional/unique approvals resulting from a routing rule were done in the last few stages.

I do not know if anyone has had the pleasure of making any custom ABAP class/program where by the request can be "joined" back together again (like how you would like it).

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Hi Harinam,

Thanks for your reply.

Yeah I understand that there is no standard way of achieving my requirement, may be we need to develop some custom program with the help of ABAPer.

May be I will discuss about the complexity involved with this and let the client decide as for custom program to develop we may require change request