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Method processPlatinScript in APPLET platinGUI(SAP GUI for Java) dsn't work

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Hi, All!

I want to embed SAP GUI for Java to my HTML page as applet and do some actions after it logons to SAP system.

I noticed (decompiled GuiApplet.class file in platincoreS.jar), that in <b>SAP GUI for Java ver. 6.30 rev83</b>, the GuiApplet class, referenced as 'PlatinGUI' in help example for that GUI has one more method called <b>processPlatinScript</b>. But, unfortunately it doesn't work, when I embed the APPLET into HTML page using tag <OBJECT>, and then call this method using local JavaScript in HTML page, like this:

<OBJECT> ...

<PARAM NAME="connectionData" VALUE = "valid connection data" >



var str;

str = "application.FindById(/usr/app/conn[0].....).Text".




If I open such an HTML page in my browser (IE 6.0), I receive the following message on this call:

"can't create global script handler"

and the GUI Script doesn't run.

Who knows why? What should I do else?.

Thanks everybody in advance!

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Aleh,

the method processPlatinScript was thought only for internal use and it doesn't work properly at the moment.

In the next future we are planning to provide some additional parameters in the applet for executing scripts.

For now you can start the applet and execute a script by opening a scripting window a choosing a script file (menu "?"->"Scripting") or by starting a script from "Scripting" menu.

Best Regards,

Olga Dolinskaja, SAPGUI for Java Development Team.

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Thank you very much for your answer.

I'll be looking forward for new version.

Best Regards,

Aleh Pratasenia

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I'm looking for a possibility to perform an external call of a GUI script within the current Java Applet Version of SAP GUI.

The search in the forum only shows this rather old topic which is related to the described issue and there isn't provided a solution yet.

I also tried to execute the <b>processPlatinScript</b> method using a Javascript call but the trace log shows the same error message as described by Aleh:

ERROR: GuiJavaScriptEventHandler.processGlobalScript() no global script handler available.
ERROR: GuiAppletImpl.processInvokeRequest: java.lang.NullPointerException

But there was the following outlook:

> In the next future we are planning to provide some

> additional parameters in the applet for executing

> scripts.

So has there been an update within the last 2 years that makes it possible to access the scripting engine through Javascript, additional applet parameters or other methods or is the scripting window of the SAP GUI still the only way to execute a GUI script?

Thanks in advance and best regards,


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