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Metadata Repository shows a blank page

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I cannot access the Metadata Repository on either of the three BW Netweaver 2004s systems in our environment. I figure it has to be the SAPGUI that is at fault.

I am using 6.40 with Patch level 18. I fully re-installed SAPGUI, still can't access the Metadata Repository.

Any ideas?

Mike McNally

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We are currently having the same problem here. When going to SE80, on the lefthand side you can see the following:

NME Browser

Repository Browser

Repository Infosystem


A blank field

Icon header

And below the tree structure

In the blank field it usually shows a dropdown and an inputfield.

Anybody came across this in the meantime?

I checked IE settings, but all ActiveX and Java Script is enabled...

Thanks in advance


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Hello Stefan,

did you recently install either XP SP2 or Internet Explorer 7?

The blank space you are seeing is (as you already guessed) an HTML control which uses the Internet Explorer Control.

Since from time to time Microsoft introduces incompatible changes we have to patch the HTML control / the SAP system to workaround this.

1) XP SP2: In this SP Microsoft disabled the MK protocol which we were using. Therefore we had to switch to using another protocol which requires a change in the SAP system. You have to implement note 738927.

2) Internet Explorer 7: This is also incompatible and can lead to blank pages. You have to use at least the following patchlevels:

SAP GUI for Windows 6.20 patchlevel 64

SAP GUI for Windows 6.40 patchlevel 20

SAP GUI for Windows 7.10 patchlevel 0

You may even have to apply both the SAP GUI patch and the correction instruction from note 738927.

Best regards,