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LSMW or Rapid Data Migration?

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HI all,

I am working since 15 years in SAP data migration using different SAP tolos (EDT, LSMW, IS-U Migration Workbench, etc.).

Now I have seen by accident a ppt of SAP RAPID DATA MIGRATION.

Looks cool. I think it is a Business Objects Tool. Never worked with Business Objects...

In my new starting migration project we have to migrate from ERP 4.7 to ECC 6.0 and to CRM 7.0 (SD-data from ERP).

Furthermore some data from non-SAP legacy system.

Actually migraiton by LSMW was considered.

Can anybody recommend me to try SAP RAPID DATA MIGRATION instead of LSMW?

Is this tool for free or my customer has to buy licences?

Is this a conderable amout for a data migration team of  8 resources?

Thanks for any info, hints learned lesson.


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Product and Topic Expert

Hi Thomas,

My name is Frank Densborn and I'm responsible for SAP's Rapid Data Migration RDS packages. I started my career 10 years ago in the LSMW development team at SAP and I'm working with SAP Data Services since we moved from creating content for LSMW to the BusinessObjects Data Integrator tool (which is the former name of the tool). So I know both worlds, still use LSMW for the small and dirty tasks but can highly recommend the data quality (e.g. data cleansing) and data validation (e.g. lookup values) capabilities of the new Rapid Data Migration approach with SAP Data Services.

You should really give it a try. Of course, it will take some time to get used to the differenent graphical tool and also to switch from ABAP to the DS scripting language for the more advanced transforms. Basically SAP Data Services is an ETL tool (Extract, Transfrom, Load) which has its own license (there is a trial license key available and also some special offerings for data migration projects). It comes with a built-in tutorial to get used to the tool but there are also training classes like BODS10 - BODS30 available from SAP education.

This generic ETL tool turns into a full data migration solution for ERP and CRM when you use the Rapid Data Migration content which is provided as Best Practices in form of an RDS (Rapid Deployment Solutions) package. Basically, this has to be imported into your DS installation and gives you everything necessary for such a migration task (like importing an LSMW project). Also, it comes with reporting capabilities and a tool called Migration Services for the value mapping (translation table) to involve business/functional users. In addition you can also leverage SAP Information Steward to fully involve the data stewards for the data quality tasks.

To get an idea what the tool does, please check out this demo recording which gives you the full picture:

Also, I'm writing a blog about data migration where I also introduced the new methodology:

To download the RDS content, please visit the landing page:

There is also a SAP Press book title covering both, the LSMW and Rapid Data Migration approach. It's only available in German but I guess that would be OK for you, too:

To quickly compare LSMW and Rapid Data Migration, I just name some highlights here (I can also provide you with some more information if you provide me your email address):

  • LSMW is built-in and free of charge
  • SAP Data Services has an own repository and can extract data directly from the source
  • LSMW can be used with simple screen recordings
  • SAP Data Services can analyze, profile, cleanse and validate the data

You can position SAP Data Services and the Rapid Data Migration package for the migration tasks only (special license) or as a platform for ongoing data governance to maintain a high data quality in a running system.

You can run the data migration using the Rapid Data Migration approach with your team if you have built some SAP Data Services knowledge. The business tasks for mapping on paper etc. will remain the same. Also, this solution is reusable and also extendable. It could be even used in conjunction with LSMW to ensure a high data quality.

Please let me know in case you have additional questions!

Best regards,


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Hi Frank,

Thanks so much for the detailed answer. I am really interested to test  RDS in combination with LSMW in our new Project that start in January.

However, the customer's decisión will probably depend on the costs for the licences they have to pay. Otherwise only LSMW will be used.

Our migration team consists of 5 users.

You mention "some special offerings for data migration projects".

Could you please let me know, how we could receive informaiton about this offers in order to get a vague idea about the costs?



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Hi Thomas,

You can request a quote for SAP Rapid Data Migration here:

Data Migration to ERP | Rapid-Deployment Software | SAP