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Is it possible to control what CUP request types are available to users?

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Hello Virsa Experts,

I am hoping that someone can tell me how to control what types of requests are available to certain users. My situation is that there are some users (our HelpDesk) that should have access to certain request types. But the majority of our users should not be able to submit requests of those types. Is there someway with authorizations that I can control that? (I know that I can set them as sequence = 0 on the request type and keep the request from showing on the main page. But they are still available in the drop down.)



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Hello Yvonne,

There is very little control on the user request page, but you might think about doing the following:

1. Give the helpdesk access to the "AE/index_apr.jsp" page. This is the non-customizable admin page.

2. Give users access to the "AE/index.jsp" user page. Then, in Customizing --> Request Form Customization, set the "Request Type" to:

a. Mandatory = Yes

b. Editable = No

c. Visible = Yes

Also, set the default value to something relevant, it doesn't really matter which request type is the default.

Hope this helps,


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That will only work partly.

I do not recommend giving people access to index_apr.jsp (i.e. "Create Request" after login, which requires access to UME action "ViewCreateRequest"). That screen bypasses end user customization, so you might end up getting lots of funny requests to deal with.


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Sorry but NO. There is no way you can control the request types visibility for certain individuals. The screen is not associated with any UME action so this is not possible.