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Increasing length of the user fields in GRC requests

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Hi GRC folks,

How can we increase the length of the fields mentioned below which are being auto-populated in the GRC request?

These fields are coming from the LDAP that is connected to GRC to retrieve user information.

The screenshot below shows incomplete information for the fields "Position" and "Business Area"


Jasraj Ganeshan

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Answers (2)

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Hi Jasraj,

You can check structure GRAC_S_USER_DETAIL in the ABAP dictionary, the concerned fields are meant to be SAP HR fields. Better to map the needed fields from LDAP to custom fields, see how to in note 2036022.

Best Regards,


Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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This would be a database/table change. I'm not a DB admin or Systems/Basis person but when it comes to field length I would consider:

  • is it ever a good idea to change standard table fields
  • where the field is used elsewhere and impacts there
  • where the data is replicated (e.g. is position field length due to SAP HR field length)
  • is there referential integrity on the data so it must be configured elsewhere (I can't remember if business area is linked to something)

If you need to bring other fields in and it's worth the effort it see can extend the tables or custom table to store the other data. This would then mean updates to the sync programs and the forms to display the fields

With a quick search, I think the consensus is don't change standard but you could consider extending tables with APPEND - issues with patching/support packs/upgrades/etc. However, please discuss with a qualified systems admin or ABAP developer on the implications.

How many of your positions are longer than the allowed characters? Might be easier to clean the data up and respect the standard field limits.