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Incomplete table gracrole

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Hi all,

I have a question regarding table GRACROLE.

I am working on GRC Access Control 10.1 SP3 which is connected to an ECC 6.0, BI, SCM, CRM and a Solution Manager.

Every morning the  sync job GRAC_REPOSITORY_OBJECT_SYNC is run in full mode and at noon the same sync job in incremental mode.

When I look at the GRACROLE then I can see that somehow some roles have a profile and somehow don't. This only happens to ERP roles but not to roles from BI, SolMan or CRM.

How can this happen? The job log shows that all jobs have successfully completed. I have not found any notes which give a clue to this problem

I would be very grateful for any help.

Best regards


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Dear Henning,

I don't know why profiles are missing in some instances. Do you face any issues with that? Or is the question just for clarification?

It's maybe worth to reach out to who might be able to help in that regard,



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Dear Alessandro,

thank you for your immediate reply.

Just now there are no issues that I face. I was just wondering why this happens because I have not seen that before.

I would like to be prepared just in case there might arise any problems in the future.



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Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Henning,

Not sure, why you are comparing Repository sync job with GRACROLE table.

Repository sync job updates GRACRLCONN table for role synchronized data and GRACROLE table gets updated when you create any new role using GRC BRM functionality OR import the roles from backend plugin into GRC box.

With this above explanation, you can relate your business usage for GRACROLE table.

Thanks & Regards
Neeraj Manocha

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