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ID User name when provisioning new user account in R/3 System with CUP

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Is it possible to configure somehow a rule in CUP for ID user names to be created in the backend system when direct auto provisioning is done?

Example: User_A creates a request for a new account in System SAP S1.

Such user will be created in S1 under ID "XXXX_User_A"

Many thanks in advance. Best regards,


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Product and Topic Expert
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if you want building rules for new users you can user Netweaver Identity Management.

But I completely agree with Dylan - you really really want to try to have a SINGLE user ID in your systems for a person.

That's not only helpful for compliance, it's also useful for technical enhancements like Single Sign-On and many other things.

I usually try to link ActiveDirectory to CUP and retrieve user data, including the UserID from there.


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Hello Imanol,

To my knowledge there is no way of automating the naming convention for users. Whatever is defined in the form is what gets created/updated.

From an audit trail, this is a good thing to have the user consistent with the request.