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Icons changed to text versions or shrunken

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Good afternoon,

We just upgraded a sandbox system to SP Stack 15 with EHP3 (ECC6). Everything seems to be running smoothly, but we've noticed that some icons have changed on screens via the standard SAPGUI. For example: the execute icon is no longer the standard check mark with a clock. It is now an icon that just reads "Execute". We see something similar when viewing transactions via our portal in our current version where all of the icons are now text.

My first assuption is that SAP was starting to modify it's screens for their web based GUI's. But when I go to some standard SAP transactions (ex. FAGLB03), there used to be 6 icons in the menu area. In our upgraded system it shows the first 3 icons now with text and the last 3 icons ares just skinny bars. If I click them, they work the same way as the icons in their position in our current system but a user would have no idea what they are now.

Has something changed in a recent Support Pack stack to cause this? Could we be missing a configuration setting in the system or have too old of a GUI version? I didn't find anything when searching SDN and other sites so I'm not sure if this is a bug or something wrong on our side.

Current GUI is:

File Version - 7100.3.13.1045

Build - 1063164

Patch Level - 13

Thanks in advance,


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Answers (3)

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SAP was able to solve the issue. Here is their answer.

Go to the transaction in question

At the top menu -> System -> Status -> (In the SAP data section)

Gui status Double click in the entry in the box opposite

-> Click the activate button at the top. The regenerated message will

appear at the bottom.

Then return to the problematic screen and the correct menus should be


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We had the same issue. This helped to fix it.

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I have just updated my GUI to patch 14 and it has not fixed the problem.

Has anyone else seen this issue? Has anyone else upgraded to support pack 15 EHP3 and still have the icons available in transactions FBL1N or FAGLB03?