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How to find fields name?????

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Hi friends,

when you creat reports for some module most of the time functional people dont know the tables and fields. I want to know how we are going to find the table in which the transaction stores the value.

if you will see the technical settings of that field, most of the time it will show the name of some structure. how to find ,the table in which structure is placing the value.

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First, if the technical details tells you that it is referenced to a transparant table, then of course this is the best/easiest way. When it is referencing a structuure, then the fun begins. The solution which is usually suggested is to do SQL trace using ST05. Running your program thru the SQL trace will show you all of the database tables which where hit during program execution. Another way is to take the data element which is used and do a where used on the tables. Then its a matter of checking that where used list. Looking at each table to see if the data is coming from there. Another way is to simple debug the standard transaction. Yes, this can be frustrating and take a long time.


Rich Heilman